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Wheels & Tyres for Cranes and Industrial Rail Applications
Engineering - Transmission - Petrochemical - Power Generation - Wheels & Tyres

Single & Double Flanged Crane and Rail Tyres

Steel Forgings NEVERWEAR tyres and wheels. High through hardness and wear resistance guarantee a service life many times longer than standard materials.

Typical Applications
Steelworks: Ladle cranes, Ingot transfer cars
Shipyards: Shipyard cranes
Mining and Quarrying: Locomotive Tyres, Wagon Tyres

BS 3037 British Standard for crane wheels and tyres
BS 5892, part 3 British Standard for rail wheels
BS 5892, part 4 British Standard for rail tyres
BS 970 Alloy steel tyres for special applications e.g. 817M40 (EN24), 826M31 (EN25)

Imperial – up to 60 inch tread diameter
Metric – up to 1500 mm tread diameter

Supply Condition
Black (as rolled), Rough Machined, Finish Machined
NEVERWEAR tyres and wheels are supplied finish machined.

Single flanged rail tyreDouble flanged crane tyre
Single & Double Flanged Crane and Rail Wheels
Single flanged rail wheelDouble flanged crane wheel

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