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Power Generation Forgings
Engineering - Transmission - Petrochemical - Power Generation - Wheels & Tyres

Forged and Rolled Rings

Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Nickel Base Alloys

To British, European or Customer Standards.

Heat Treatment
Normalised, Solution Annealed, Stress Relieved, Hardened and Tempered, Precipitation Hardened

Tensile, Stress Rupture, Hardness, Charpy, Izod, Corrosion, Cleanness, Ultrasonic, MPI, Dye Penetrant

Supply Condition
Rough machined to customer drawing requirements

Forged ring Rolled Ring  

Forged Blocks and Blanks

Forged Block Forged Blank  
Valve Heads and Spindles
Forged SpindleForged Valve Head  

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